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Alan Cumming Finds Hilarity in Unexpected Places

Cummings, you cad.Photo: Getty Images

“There is a long sequence where I torture him … and there are all these blood spurts, and then you think I am going to set him on fire. It’s funny — almost hilarious in parts.” —Alan Cumming describes the Suffering Man’s Charity scene that caused audience members to vomit and faint [Radar]

“I do not think it has completely been cleared [to the point where I] can play Meryl Streep’s daughter, but it is slowly becoming a much more open society.” —Lucy Liu on the pigeonholing of Asian-American actresses [Newsweek]

“This looks like a harmless business, but someone who knew [architect Richard Rogers] said that if I wrote something about him, I’d be found somewhere, in a river. I’m serious. And with Dalí I had people threatening to break my knees.” —Biographer Meryle Secrest on unexpected occupational hazards [Salon]

“Somebody came to CAA with a project [starring] Jackie Chan and wanted to attach Pearl to it.” —Proud father Adam McKay on the attention daughter Pearl received following her performance in Will Ferrell’s comedy sketch “The Landlord” [WP]

“We thought we’d be really big in Liverpool.” —Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, to Larry King [CNN]
—Hannah Tucker

Alan Cumming Finds Hilarity in Unexpected Places