Amy Winehouse Gets Frank

Amy Winehouse and her hair.Photo: Getty Images

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.
1. Amy Winehouse, “(There Is No) Greater Love”
A track from Winehouse’s first album, Frank, recorded in 2003, when she still had her original liver. [Lil Mike]

2. Rufus Wainwright, “Release the Stars” (live)
The title track from Wainwright’s excellent new album is sure to be a favorite of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. [Stereogum]

3. Roddy Woomble, “My Secret Is My Silence”
Not the Ewok or Web 2.0 company that his name might imply, Woomble is the lead singer for Scotland’s Idlewild and a talented folk singer in his own right. [Stereogum]

4. The Bees, “(This Is for the) Better Days”
This U.K. band’s nautically-themed, awesome third album sounds like a Sly Stone concert aboard a pirate ship. [Raven Sings the Blues]

5. Billy Joel, Untitled Demo
Billy Joel claims he’s not responsible for this tape of six songs that was unearthed at an estate sale, but he’s said similar things about River of Dreams and his driving.[WFMU] —Lane Brown

Amy Winehouse Gets Frank