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Build Your Own ‘Simpsons’ Character!

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Finally, the South Park Character Generator has a worthy competitor in animated time-wasting! The spiffy Website for The Simpsons Movie just added a feature that allows you to create your own Simpsons character, complete with yellow skin, four-fingered hands, and dramatic overbite. Each character can be customized with wacky hairstyles, clothes, eyeballs, and facial hair.

Alas, the site doesn’t allow you to put glasses on your character as far as we can tell, so we couldn’t build a Simpsons version of ourself, but (with a little additional Photoshopping) we did knock out this Simpsons version of our hero, NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman!

The Simpsons Movie [Official site]
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Build Your Own ‘Simpsons’ Character!