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Carrie Fisher Sees Vaginas Everywhere

Our photo editor swears that this is actually Carrie Fisher.Photo: Getty Images

“When I had to watch a mynock hit the screen of the spacecraft I was supposed to be quite alarmed. And I said, ‘What is a mynock?’ I was really never told — I was simply told that it was just really awful and to behave accordingly. I still don’t know what the hell that was. But it was quite appalling — it looked a little like, well, vaginalike.”—Carrie Fisher, on reacting to green screens on the set of Star Wars [Empire Online]

“How many 83-year-old men get up every morning knowing that they’re going to have a standing ovation sometime during the day?”—Bob Barker, on what he’ll miss about The Price Is Right [CNN]

“It was the opposite of baptism by fire. It was baptism by sweet, creamy chocolate.”
—Janeane Garofalo, on making her television debut on
The Ben Stiller Show [A.V. Club]

“The title is hot. But at the same time, ‘exclusive’ is something everybody can’t get. So when people do get it, it’s special to them.”—Chris Brown, whose second album, Exclusive, will be available to everybody August 28 [MTV]

“It was my belief that he was kind of a young doe lost amongst the wildebeests.”—Corey Feldman thinks deep thoughts about friend and frequent co-star Corey Haim’s drug problems [TV Guide]
—Lindsey Thomas

Carrie Fisher Sees Vaginas Everywhere