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Chris Albrecht Rises Again, As Does ‘Sex and the City’?

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Albrecht Moving Toward Sex Onscreen?: Deposed HBO head Chris Albrecht is reportedly working behind the scenes to get a Sex and the City movie produced. Cast is ready, creator Michael Patrick King is ready, and Albrecht is assembling distributors. Albrecht will also appear in a cameo as “Abusive Guy in Casino.” [Variety]

HBO, Thurman Make Bed: Uma Thurman will star in HBO Films adaptation of David Hare’s 2000 play The Zinc Bed. Filling out the play’s love triangle will be Jonathan Pryce and Paddy Considine; Hare will write the screenplay. We look forward either to Thurman’s off-kilter British accent, or to Considine’s and Pryce’s pitch-perfect American ones. [Variety]

The Sad Decline of Kate Hudson: Kate Hudson signs on to Bachelor No. 2, opposite Dane Cook. Cook plays nightmare date hired by Hudson’s ex to convince her to take him back. Howard Deutch directs; Cook’s repulsively named production shingle Superfinger Entertainment produces for Lionsgate. [Variety]

Broadbent Joins Indy: Jim Broadbent comes onboard Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones 4, playing blowhard Yale professor who joins Indy’s excursion to the jungles of Malaysia in search of treasure, only to land amusingly “in hot water” among the natives. We made up everything except “Yale professor,” but we bet it’s true. [Variety]

Grazer Options Assistant Pitch: Universal and Imagine Entertainment will develop comedy Coma Boy, based on pitch by CAA mailroom assistant Ben Dey. Imagine head Brian Grazer lets assistants pitch him one day a year, and Dey’s pitch was optioned this year. [HR]

DreamWorks, Universal, Cowboys, Aliens: Graphic novel Cowboys & Aliens, created by Platinum Studios, will be co-produced for film by DreamWorks and Universal. Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby will write the script, which promises to be best, most successful sci-fi/Western hybrid since Wild Wild West. [Variety]

T.I. Plans Album, Summer Tour: Rapper T.I. announces track list for upcoming album, T.I. vs. T. I. P., due July 3, as well as nationwide tour with Ciara. [Pitchfork]

VH1 Green-lights Reality Slate: MTV Networks channel VH1 announces seven new reality series, including The Salt ‘N’ Pepa Show, septuagenarian special Old Skool with Terry and Gita, and the unnecessary-to-explain America’s Most Smartest Model with Ben Stein. [Variety]

Chris Albrecht Rises Again, As Does ‘Sex and the City’?