Radiohead Impersonators Unexpectedly Channel Dick Dale

Muse reporting live from the Pink Floyd laser light Show.Photo: Getty Images

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.

1. Muse, “Man of Mystery”
The British trio forget about the aliens and the apocalypse for just long enough to record this two-minute surf-rock instrumental. [Scatter O’ Light]

2. The Libertines, “A Day in the Life” (Beatles cover)
Pete Doherty and Carl Barat may have their differences, but they’ll forever be united by their inability to sing the high notes in this song. [In Search of Arcadia]

3. Ryan Adams, “Nobody Listens to Silence”
What would it sound like if Neil Young made a reggae album? Ryan Adams investigates. [New Music Albums]

4. T.I. feat. Eminem, “Touch Down”
It’s been so long since we’ve heard Eminem rap, we must’ve forgotten about his terrible fake southern accent. [Musikizme]

5. Velvet Revolver, “She Mine”
Like so much of Velvet Revolver’s best work, this track features an impressive combination of cowbell, misogyny, and poor grammar. [Rocknrollpimp via Idolator]
—Lane Brown

Radiohead Impersonators Unexpectedly Channel Dick Dale