Let the ‘[title of show]’ Guys Save the Tonys!

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Hunter Bell, book writer for the hit Off-Broadway making-a-musical musical [title of show], is as disappointed in the Tony Award broadcast as the rest of us. (Those who watched, anyway; the awards got their lowest rating since 1992.) The difference is, he’s got some ideas on how to change them for the better — and we love them:

My feeling is let’s start with the premise no one is watching. Maybe low expectations, but a place to start… I just think it is weird to think that having Anne Heche will make this huge difference in the numbers… Maybe try to make it the coolest musical theatre scene show and then others will stumble and watch. Right now it seems like in trying to get a bigger audience, they’re still not watching and your built in fan base just gets bummed we have to watch the 8th replacement Sally Bowles.

Even better, Bell volunteers himself and his [title of show] co-writer, Jeff Bowen, to “throw in a few zingers.” But we say, why not get these guys to write the whole show next year? They’re smart, they’re irreverent, they know their way around a good song, and they’d mix a great love for the theater with strong opinions about what currently sucks on Broadway. Now that’s an awards show we would watch.

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Let the ‘[title of show]’ Guys Save the Tonys!