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Denis Leary Lets the Help Down Gently

Denis Leary, boss extraordinairePhoto: Getty Images

“It’s hard enough to deal with the actors when I’m acting with them.” —Denis Leary, on why he didn’t tell Rescue Me star Jerry Reilly of his character’s pending demise [TV Guide]

“They’re springing up like mushrooms after the rain.” —Tribeca Film Fest’s Peter Scarlet, on the proliferation of local film festivals [USAT]

“If I was going to open a restaurant, it would either be called Bunch of Appetizers or Everything Is a Casserole.”—Actress Lauren Graham on her culinary acumen [LAT]

“It gets to the chorus, and it’s like someone requesting the song, saying, ‘I hope she turns on the radio so she could hear the song I’m playing for her.’ … I was thinking, ‘This is very high-concept.’” —Ryan Adams on being inspired by a contemporary country song [A.V. Club]

“Holy shit, I wrote a novel!” —Literary “It” boy Taylor Antrium, describing his reaction upon completing The Headmaster Ritual [NYO]
—Hannah Tucker

Denis Leary Lets the Help Down Gently