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Ellen Barkin: Best Date Ever

Ellen Barkin, raising the bar for fiftysomethings everywhere.Photo: Getty Images

“Like, why are we eating dinner in a restaurant? Let’s first see if the sex thing works, and then we could go have dinner.” —Actress Ellen Barkin on why she doesn’t do blind dates [More]

“[It’s] like walking around with a piece of toilet paper on your shoe. People go, ‘Steve, uh … that was really a kind of a piece of (junk).’ And I’ll say, ‘I didn’t even know it got made.’” —Steven King on embarrassing sequels to films based on his books [USAT]

“I am not doing anything with Mel Gibson.” —Senator Rick Santorum, who’s in talks to make a terrorism film with Passion of the Christ producer Stephen McEveety [Pittsburgh Tribune Review]

“We’d had some coconut shrimp, and I said, ‘I loved that coconut shrimp!’ And she said, ‘I did too!’”—Smokey Robinson on the moment he and his wife fell in love [The Guardian]

“One of the most untouched aphrodisiacs in the world is charity work.” —Anne Hathaway, on immunizing children in Honduras against hepatitis-A [NYDN]
—Hannah Tucker

Ellen Barkin: Best Date Ever