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Eric Nederlander, Like So Many, Skipped the Tonys This Year

Eric and Lindsay NederlanderPhoto: Patrick McMullan

For a Broadway scion, Eric Nederlander seems a little in the dark these days about what’s going on backstage. At last night’s New York City Ballet “Dance with the Dancers” benefit, he confessed to — egads! — skipping the Tonys this year. “I like to go when I’m nominated,” he said, “but we didn’t have any nominated shows this year. And I want to know why they scheduled the Tonys [at the same time as] the finale of The Sopranos and the NBA Finals. Not good for ratings!” He’s also waiting for Hugh Jackman to host again (“he’s a real star”). That said, he’s a Spring Awakening fan (“it was obviously everyone’s choice”) and mourned Raúl Esparza’s loss like everyone else (wife Lindsay on his performance: “Uch … ‘Being Alive’? He just takes your breath away!”).

Any good gossip about the awards? “Lots of fights! Bernadette Peters showed up and started hitting everybody! No, I actually don’t know about any backstage intrigue.” Okay, but what’s coming up for his family’s theaters this year? “Hmm, you know … I have to think about it. It’s that time of year when everything’s booked. I need to review that.” He did manage to remember that Grease opens soon; so did he watch You’re the One That I Want? “You know, I wasn’t involved at all,” he said. “It was fun to watch, but it was hard — there was Grease, 24, The Sopranos … there’s too much television these days!”

So was Tony Soprano’s swan song the reason he didn’t make it to the Tonys? Alas, dinner was about to start. —Rebecca Milzoff

Eric Nederlander, Like So Many, Skipped the Tonys This Year