‘Hidden Palms’: Eddie’s Mom Has Got It Going On

Cliff watches Eddie’s mom channel her inner Brittany Murphy.Courtesy of CW

Lots of stuff happened during the two fun-filled hours of last night’s Hidden Palms, though in the end, things aren’t any clearer than when this “whole night event!” started. Can’t wait for next week’s series finale, when we’ll finally learn who really killed Eddie. And we care. No, really, we do.

1. Dead Eddie’s mom (Maria) and Cliff are having an affair, which has apparently been on since before Eddie “killed himself.” Maria is a whack job; she stalks Cliff even after he dumps her, shows up in his room in a trench coat and lingerie, and makes out with him in her dead son’s room(!). Dude gets around for one so young.

2. Greta tells Johnny that the night Eddie “killed himself,” she followed Cliff back to Eddie’s room, where she found him dead on the floor. “I went to him, I held him, there was so much blood,” Greta emotes. Bad actress + terrible writing … no wonder Eddie offed himself! Greta thinks her dad called the police to make the whole situation go away, but we know better.

3. Meanwhile, Liza saved all of her old video chats with Eddie, and Johnny, in a clear violation of Liza’s privacy, finds the video from the night of Eddie’s death. He opens it to see Eddie rolling around with some naked chick, who he assumes to be Greta. But then we see a close-up of the girl’s face … and it’s Liza! Bum bum bum!

4. Skip and Maria have some shady conversations, none of which make sense to us yet. And not a clue, per se, but worth mentioning: The second episode culminates in a big drag-queen show, starring a decked-out Leslie Jordan singing “Stand by Your Man.” We fast-forwarded most of the song (shudder), but not before it left a lasting (and frightening) impression.

Seriously, we have no idea how they’re going to wrap this all up. Like, for real. But we’re crossing our fingers for a guest appearance from a murderous Shannon Dougherty. How awesome would that be?—Emma Rosenblum

‘Hidden Palms’: Eddie’s Mom Has Got It Going On