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Hollywood Destroys New York (Again) in ‘I Am Legend’

Tagline: “The last man on earth is not alone.”

Translation: You thought The Day After Tomorrow trashed New York? Check this out.

The Gist: Will Smith’s megabudget action flick is based on a seminal vampire novel by Richard Matheson — but you’d never guess it. Warner Bros. ditches the fangs and sells this as a post-apocalyptic New York thriller, strumming every string of your post-9/11 anxieties. You see the city leveled, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges decimated, Times Square turned into a weed-ravaged parking lot. Okay, L.A., we get it: You hate us. But damned if this doesn’t look cool. Smith plays the last man alive. More importantly, he may be the last living soul who can single-handedly carry a multi-hundred-million-dollar picture. —Logan Hill

I Am Legend trailer [Warner Bros.]
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Hollywood Destroys New York (Again) in ‘I Am Legend’