Tony Voters Speak: The General Manager

Illustration by Everett Bogue

All week leading up to Sunday’s Tony awards, we’re polling anonymous Tony voters about whom they’ve cast their votes for and why. This afternoon we ask a Broadway general manager and Tony voter: Who’s on your ballot?

Best Play: Radio Golf. “It really was the best play of the year. I surprised myself, because I’m not an August Wilson fan, and I was not looking forward to seeing it, but it was fantastic. The Coast of Utopia will win, because it was the snob-appeal show of the season — what we call the limo show. It was a beautifully done piece, very theatrical and very exciting visually, but frankly I can’t vote for a play I didn’t understand.”

Best Actress in a Play: Angela Lansbury, Deuce. “You might be surprised by this one. I think a sentimental vote might carry her through. People think this might be her final performance on Broadway.”

Best Actress in a Musical: Audra McDonald, 110 in the Shade. “She was amazing. And quite honestly, while Christine Ebersole did a great job in Grey Gardens, she has campaigned too hard for this award and is really overexposed. But she’ll win anyway.”

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Tony Voters Speak: The General Manager