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John McClane vs. John McCain: Who’s More Electable?

One’s a handsome, aging, popular action hero hoping the American public supports him in the coming year. The other is played by Bruce Willis. At first glance, there are a lot of similarities between Die Hard hero John McClane and Senator (and presidential candidate) John McCain. But who has a better chance to win America’s vote?

Photos: Getty Images (McCain), Courtesy of 20th Century Fox (McClane)

John McClane vs. John McCain: Who’s More Electable?

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John McClane

John McCain
Filmography Die Hards 1–4. Wedding Crashers, Bears in a Submarine.
Career-defining hostage situation One night in Nakatomi Plaza, 1988. Five and a half years in Vietcong prisons, 1967–1973.
Marital difficulties Separated from wife in 1988; saved wife from terrorists in 1988, 1990; separated again in 1995; divorced by 2007. Divorced first wife in 1980 after conducting an extramarital affair.
Child in jeopardy Daughter Lucy kidnapped by cyber-terrorists in 2007. Son James enlisted in Marines in 2006, could be sent to Iraq.
Supports the war? Yes. Yes.
Attempts to recast once-profane self as more family-friendly Going well: "Yippee ki yay, motherfucker!" reportedly trimmed from new film to secure PG-13 rating. Going poorly: Yelled "Fuck you!" at Texas senator John Cornyn at a Capitol meeting in May.
Gets America’s vote? Will at least beat Evan Almighty in this weekend's box office. Will at least beat Tommy Thompson in the Republican primaries.