French Duo Powerless Against Crippling Remix Addiction

French duo Justice.Photo: Marco Dos Santos/Courtesy of Biz 3 Publicity

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.

1. Daft Punk, “Human After All” (Justice Remix)

Being that this is the nine-millionth remix Justice has released in the past month, it’s safe to say that France’s 35-hour workweek does not extend to the country’s electro artists. [Culture Bully]

2. I’m From Barcelona, “Britney”
The 29-member Swedish pop band comes out in favor of Britney Spears, bringing the number of people who don’t think she’s crazy to a total of 29. [The Music Slut]

3. Unknown Artist, Transformers theme
For his new movie’s soundtrack, Michael Bay hired a rather anonymous-sounding nu-metal band to cover the original cartoon theme — a great idea if ever there was one. [Idolator]

4. Ryan Adams, “These Girls”
On a slow day for MP3 blogging, Ryan Adams saves the day again. [Stereogum]

5. Kelly Clarkson, “Sober”
The irony is, this hookless second single from Clarkson’s upcoming My December will probably drive Clive Davis’s accountants to drinking. [Stereogum]
—Lane Brown

French Duo Powerless Against Crippling Remix Addiction