Liev Takes Leave From ‘Talk Radio’; Fans Outraged

Liev Schreiber talks the talk. Photo: Joan Marcus/Courtesy of Talk Radio

Now that Tonys fever has died down, most of the vitriol in theater-world circles has shifted to Liev Schreiber, who appears to be taking a little-publicized leave of absence from his celebrated role in Talk Radio after a reported “secret” marriage to Naomi Watts last week.

One poster on Talkin’ Broadway’s All That Chat’s mere mention of having decided to see the show despite Schreiber’s absence launched a flurry of discussion about the undesirability of his poor understudy, who we think deserves a medal simply for opting not to flee the country. (The show is scheduled to close June 18.)

Poster Moonch wouldn’t bother seeing a show without the star “it was built around,” and lurker twocents agrees: “LS drives BO demand.” (We think it’s safe to assume he’s referring to “box office” here.)

Fans speculate: Is he bored? Poster Madison reports that Schreiber pulled the same stunt during Glengarry Glen Ross the week after the Tonys, at which point he decided “to just take off.” Poster Delvino wonders if, God forbid, Schreiber’s putting the pending “birth of his child before the Great White Way.” Most commentators sanctimoniously agree that they’d like him to quit smoking, a view summed up by Delvino: “He smokes a day’s worth of cigarettes in this show, and it would be nice if he didn’t bring the habit to his first days of fatherhood.” Chekky doesn’t mind the cigarettes, because “he *does* smoke beautifully, by the way…”

At least someone drank their V8 today: Evenhanded poster fromthetop reports his own plans to go to the beach, concluding, kindly, “So why can’t Liev?” To which perpetual Negative Nancy twocents ineloquently responds: “Way to go, Type B. Great attitude, you’ll probably live forever.” We’re with the live-and-let-live folks on this one: If a Tony nomination and overnight nuptials don’t grant an actor a brief reprieve, what will?
—Jocelyn Guest

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Liev Takes Leave From ‘Talk Radio’; Fans Outraged