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McCartney-Mania Comes to the Meatpacking District

We sincerely hope none of these ladies are going to get busted for playing hooky from work.Photo: Sara Cardace

As of 12:30 this afternoon, a crush of Paul McCartney superfans took over a full avenue block in the Meatpacking District for their chance to score a ticket to tonight’s “secret” performance by the British superstar. Many fans had arrived as early as yesterday morning in the hopes of scoring a coveted place at the front of the line, only to be set upon by the NYPD, who intervened and reportedly threatened to arrest everyone on the spot. Undeterred, fans stood their ground and waited all day before finally being sent home with tickets ensuring them wristbands upon their return this morning.

“The HighLine people felt sorry for us once it started to rain, so they decided to send us away with tickets ensuring we’d get in today,” explained triumphant wristband-possessor Christine Korcsog, of Staten Island. “I’m definitely a superfan. I went to nine concerts on Paul’s last tour.” “I went to nine concerts in 2002!” chimed in a friend. “We’re super-duper extreme fans.” Their particularly giddy line-mate Lisa Ann Nettles, who’d returned at the crack of dawn today after coming all the way from Pennsylvania yesterday morning, had a smile so big after she procured her wristband that it threatened to overtake her face. “My friend called and asked if I wanted to come with her and just do something crazy, so I did! I’m still processing! This is just so great!”

With the exception of one chatty man (who we suspect had something more than creamer in his coffee), the rest of the line regarded the bouncy gaggle of wristband-holding ladies glumly, shooting suspicious glances at anyone who walked up the line, while the police, hands-off for now, kept things sternly in check. —Sara Cardace

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McCartney-Mania Comes to the Meatpacking District