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Paksploitation Video: Fear the Syringe of Death!

Why camp out at the New York Asian Film Festival, opening tonight? Because you can’t complain about Tribeca if you don’t go to more fun festivals like this. Because the 30 films include new movies by Johnny To, Park Chan-wook, and Takashi Miike. Because one hero wields a deadly yo-yo, another shoots a penis-gun, and our favorite dresses like a zebra. Oh, and because one dude stabs another dude with a giant syringe and then uses it to suck the blood from his body (see Haseena Atom Bomb, above).

After the jump, we’ve got another exclusive Paksploitation film clip and the trailer for Omar Khan’s Hell’s Ground, which is supposedly Pakistan’s first slasher flick. They’re all screening at the fest’s “Lahore With Gore” event on July 3.

The vintage exploitation flick Adam Khor.

The new trailer for Hell’s Ground.

—Logan Hill

Paksploitation Video: Fear the Syringe of Death!