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Peaches Sees Alanis’s ‘Humps,’ Raises Her One Pair of Fudge-Stained Panties

Fivesome! Larry Tee, Perez Hilton, Peaches, promoter Josh Wood, and Princess Superstar.
Photo: Tim Murphy

Smutty diva Peaches, who virtually defined the porno-electro rage of the new millennium with her mind-numbingly catchy song “Fuck the Pain Away,” took the stage last night at the HighLine Ballroom, and truly brought the filth. The Berlin-based performer, wearing a Sheila E. beehive hairdo and a silvery ensemble of Spandex hot pants, bikini top, and platform thigh-highs, drove the polysexual crowd into a frenzy with her straight-dudes-go-gay anthem “Two Guys for Every Girl,” at one point even jumping into the flailing mosh pit. She feigned ejaculating whiskey on herself and the crowd and instructed her fans to literally “go down” near the ballroom floor during her cunnilingus homage “Downtown.” (“All the way down, come on!” she brayed.)

For her encore, Peaches stayed offstage and showed the second of two homemade videos, this one called “My Dumps,” Alanis Morrisette’s Fergie parody taken to a whole new, scatological level: “What you gon’ do with all that turd?” she sang, in her surprisingly potent voice, while she and her alterna-viddy-hos cavorted in fudge-smeared undies. Backstage, while she schmoozed with gossip Perez Hilton and electro mogul Larry Tee, we asked her if she worried she might be too raunchy even for seen-it-all New York City. “Fuck, no!” responded a sweaty Peaches. “New York was built on raunch!” Nearby there was a platter of yummy-looking brownies, but, no surprise, after “My Dumps,” no one was touching them. —Tim Murphy

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Peaches Sees Alanis’s ‘Humps,’ Raises Her One Pair of Fudge-Stained Panties