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‘Scrubs’ Creator Saves an Actress, Kills a Character

Aloma Wright as Nurse Laverne Roberts.Courtesy of NBC

See, this is one of those things that make us really like Scrubs, even though we find it super-exhausting on the rare occasions that we actually watch it. From Variety:

te>When Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence decided last season to kill off Nurse Laverne Roberts — one of the show’s key supporting characters — he made a promise to thesp Aloma Wright.

Should Scrubs return for a seventh season, he told Wright, she could don a new wig and play Laverne’s twin sister, Shirley.

It’s not just that the show’s creator killed off a character, then told the actress she could play the character’s twin sister. It’s not just that the twin sisters will be complete opposites — the dead one was “spiritually minded,” the living one an alcoholic atheist. It’s that the twin sisters’ names are Laverne and Shirley. High five!

’Scrubs’ resuscitates Wright’s role [Variety]

‘Scrubs’ Creator Saves an Actress, Kills a Character