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Sting: Demoted From God of Rock to Petulant Pansy

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“This is unbelievably lame. The mighty Sting momentarily looks like a petulant pansy instead of the god of rock.” —Police drummer Stewart Copeland, ranting on his Website about the middling performances on the opening dates of the band’s reunion tour [Yahoo]

“I’m no fool. It’s a spiritual insurance policy. Hell, at my age, the next group I put together, everyone may be playing a harp. All kidding aside, I owed His Holiness a favor. He did all my papers in school.” —Tom Waits, on his contribution to Healing the Divide: A Concert for Peace and Reconciliation, which benefits Buddhist monks and nuns [Pitchfork]

“My favorite things to do were math and music, and with the math I really like the way the numbers fit together. And with the music I like to let out ideas by composing notes — and the spelling is just a bunch of memorization.” —13-year-old Scripps National Spelling Bee champion Evan O’Dorney, really sticking it to Samir Patel [CNN]

“I abused my body so much throughout my career that I am literally held together by glue. The stuff I took thickens the bones and reinforces the tendons.” —Sylvester Stallone, justifying his use of human growth hormone [IMDB]

“He likes the she-male, muscular type. They brought me up to the champagne room one time. I spun around once and that was it. I’m not his type.” —A stripper who works at the Hustler Club in Toronto, describing Alex Rodriguez’s taste in entertainment [NYDN]

“He flew me in, put me up at this extravagant hotel where Pretty Woman stayed, and didn’t even come and meet me. Whatever. I was hanging out at the pool all day, going shopping with my mom. I was dating Joey Lawrence at the time and we got to see a couple movies. Good times!” —Katherine Heigl on Steven Seagal, who flew her to Los Angeles to audition for Under Siege 2 [EW]
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Sting: Demoted From God of Rock to Petulant Pansy