‘The Starter Wife’: Who Was That Fantasy Man?

Debra Messing in The Starter Wife.Courtesy of USA

Last night while watching The Starter Wife, we were entranced by Sam, the mysterious hunk who appears to our dumped heroine Molly in several almost-spiritual encounters: saving her from drowning and asking, “Was yours a life worth saving?” (heavy!), materializing while she’s yoga-ing, just happening to be standing in front of her house at the exact moment she’s being stood up on a date. Sure, Sam could be a real man and this could be the start of a real rebound, but we’d rather imagine this is the beginning of something way more subversive. After the jump, our ten best guesses of what Sam might represent.

1. An angel she’d like to get touched by.

2. A cheap plot device to keep Molly and Lavender, the hot, black security guard, apart until episode two. She’s right in front of your face!

3. Molly’s hand.

4. David Hasselhoff.

5. The bottom of six glasses of Prosecco paired with a Vicodin.

6. Those insane comfort-fantasies you have after someone dumps you in which a half-naked hottie appears out of thin air, tells you how hot you are, and kisses you.

7. A starter husband.

8. The good in the world. The anti-Hollywood. The carefree man who is never shown coming to or from work, who loves his dog Taffy more than anything else. (Heartthrob clue number No. 2: Loves smoking reefer and has a band with his bros that practices in his mom’s garage?)

9. The type of guy you can get if you use Pond’s face cream (the overbearing sponsors of the show).

10. Taye Diggs. This show is totally How Stella Got Her Groove Back for white people.
Elizabeth Cline

‘The Starter Wife’: Who Was That Fantasy Man?