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The Weirdest User Comment on the New Will Ferrell Viral Video

Pearl McKay in “Good Cop, Baby Cop.”Courtesy of

Last night, launched the sequel to its viral video hit “The Landlord.” The new video, again starring Will Ferrell and 2-year-old Pearl McKay (daughter of director Adam McKay), is called “Good Cop, Baby Cop” and pits unrepentant triple murderer Ferrell against “loose cannon” interrogator Pearl. We’ve already made it clear how we feel about these videos: Unlike some, we don’t care what Adam McKay does with his kid, but we do think that basing your short film on a cursing toddler feels pretty lazy. (Although this one is funnier than “The Landlord,” mostly because of the ridiculous insert shots of Pearl beating Ferrell with a phone book.)

We call your attention to this new video mostly to point out the user comments saying farewell to Pearl, who, her father tells the Daily Reel, is now officially retired. One amazing user comment in particular, from viewer “lynzj,” perfectly sums up the goofiness-meets-self-righteousness-meets-the-queasy-real-world vibe of user comments — and makes us nervous about July, when supposedly Vulture’s introduction into the world of commenting begins.

I love Pearl. Those stupid talking heads criticizing her “dialogue” are idiots. I understand however, that Pearl is growing more aware, every day, about her environment and her words, her life, etc. She’s a growing little girl. Pearl should take a break for a few years. In closing, God Bless 2 year old Blake, Jessie Davis’ young boy … who was not scripted in the words he spoke as a witness to a true violent crime.

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The Weirdest User Comment on the New Will Ferrell Viral Video