apropos of nothing


Robert Frost, with rubber chicken.Photo: Getty Images/Arnold Newman Collection (Frost); iStockphoto (Chicken)

“Poetry is what gets lost in translation,” wrote Robert Frost, who would adore the plot synopses on Time Warner Digital Cable. In the spirit of TimesCouplets, Christopher Bonanos presents CableVerse: Today, the poesy of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

“A man puts a rubber bird in the freezer; a pistachio nut sticks to a man’s lip; a dog makes a mess of the yard.”

“Puppy escapes; rodeo tumble; beer-belly pregnancy; baby feeder.”

“Musical chairs; babies’ hairdos; horseplay; birthday surprises.”

“Toilet seat; curious toddler gets wet; amateur rocket-launch; sleeping fisherman.”

“Tree-climbing Chihuahua; boxing dachshund; psychic grandma; popping egg.”