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‘Transformers’ Fans, Unable to See the Movie, Rate the Toys

A fan displays his Transformers pride.Courtesy of Transformers World

Michael Bay’s Transformers movie won’t be reviewed until it opens on July 4, but who cares about the movie, when the Hasbro toys that the toy-inspired movie inspired (whoa, heavy) just hit stores? The heroic semi-truck Optimus Prime, leader of these “robots in disguise,” is already a cherished addition to fanboy bedrooms — and the bane of others, who are infuriated by its lack of “automorphing” options. —Ira Boudway

Rant: “It does kind of suck there’s only about two … automorphs on the toy. The way automorphing was played up I was expecting more. Also, the size. Always size has been a problem with the Transformers toys. Bigger and shinier, the better it looks on display, but try to get it home and play with it with four or even just one more? It’s a disaster … [However] save for the Masterpiece Optimus, this is the best looking yet.” —Benjamin Van Sickle “Optimus Prime” [

Rave (see picture above): “Yeah, [three-foot-tall Plushie Prime] is pretty cool. With him added, I now have the COOLEST bedroom ever!!” —Poster SamiWCP [Transformer World]

‘Transformers’ Fans, Unable to See the Movie, Rate the Toys