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Week in Review: Sin Tetas No Hay Vulture!

Highlights from a week in which we learned that without breasts there is no paradise

Well, some silly TV show bid arrivederci. Thanks to our flood-the-zone coverage, you can relive David Chase’s final song, or choose one of your own. David Edelstein thinks Tony got whacked; YouTube agrees; and it may be citrus fruit in the end that proves Edelstein right. Meanwhile, Emily Nussbaum and Jeremy McCarter weighed in too. The cast revealed a possible alternate ending, and Chase himself granted one last interview (though not to us). And finally, a single Sopranos virgin tried to avoid spoilage — and a surprisingly low number of people actually watched the show.

The Sopranos weren’t the only game in town this week, of course. The Tony Awards went down as well, though for real stage magic, look no further than the majesty of baton-twirling on Britain’s Got Talent.

Real artist: Richard Serra. Crazy artist: Linda Riss. Bullshit artist: Damien Hirst.

Paul McCartney and Feist both gave good shows this week.

“The next Harry Potter” sent film people into a frenzy, even while the last one rode a freaking dragon.

Edward Tufte simplified our lives. And Susan Minot and Michael Cunningham illuminated the creative process. Speaking of the creative process, how about this?

Week in Review: Sin Tetas No Hay Vulture!