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Woody Allen, Operatic Incompetent

Old dog, new trick.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

“I have no idea what I am doing, but incompetence has never prevented me from plunging in with enthusiasm.” —Woody Allen, who just announced plans to direct an opera this fall [HR]

“Yep.” —Survivorman’s Les Stroud on whether he ever watches Survivor and thinks, “Pussies!” [EW]

“I have to be like in the mood for doing it. I need a big audience and I need to put gauze in my mouth to get it exactly right.” —Rudy
Giuliani refusing to do his
Godfather impression [NYT]

“Um, no it was $18 trillion.” —Steve Carell corrects a reporter’s estimate of the poorly received Evan Almighty’s budget [Newsweek]

“I have good advice. I was with this girl I really loved and I never drank when I was with her. Because I get wasted only to meet a new girlfriend. Then I lost her … So my advice would be whatever you do to get your girlfriend, [get wasted] sometimes once you have her.” —Michel Gondry [PopMatters]
— Hannah Tucker

Woody Allen, Operatic Incompetent