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Adam Sandler and Kevin James Both Gay for Adam Sandler

Sandler and James assert their heterosexuality by dressing badly.Photo: Getty Images

“We are both huge Adam Sandler fans.” —Adam Sandler on what he and his I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry co-star, Kevin James, have in common [USAT]

“I used to leave Smarties … under my pillow with a little note saying, ‘I know you’re dead, but these are very f—— tasty, and you should come have a few.’” —Colin Farrell, on how he tried to woo his childhood crush, Marilyn Monroe [People]

“I thought he was trying to distract me ‘cause I was about to make like 100 points, but he wasn’t.” —Pras, on how his friend came up with the idea to make a documentary about Skid Row during a game of Scrabble [Billboard]

“I’m having one of those I-don’t-wanna-play-music moments.” —Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan at the beginning of what became a three-hour set [WP]

”[I] got an apartment right outside the Fox lot, and told them I was ready to report to work. All I heard back was that they were having trouble finding me a parking space.” —Conan O’Brien, on not being asked to collaborate on The Simpsons movie [EW]
Hannah Tucker

Adam Sandler and Kevin James Both Gay for Adam Sandler