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‘Beowulf’: Robert Zemeckis Gives Actors the Pink Slip

Computer-generated models of Angelina Jolie and some guy.Courtesy of Paramount and Shangri-La Entertainment

Tagline: “From Academy Award–winning director Robert Zemeckis.”

Translation: We still think Pulp Fiction should have beaten Forrest Gump.

The Gist: In an exciting step toward finally getting rid of actors completely, Robert Zemeckis’s Beowulf stars photorealistic computer-generated models instead of actual people. See that thing that looks like Angelina Jolie? When this scene was being committed to film by robots, the real Jolie was somewhere else — probably Africa or something. The movie itself looks like a pretty standard, by-the-numbers medieval epic. It’s impressive that Zemeckis was able to keep the budget to a reported $70 million, but wouldn’t it have been cheaper just to use B-roll from Lord of the Rings?

Beowulf trailer [Apple]

‘Beowulf’: Robert Zemeckis Gives Actors the Pink Slip