Britney’s New Single at Least As Good As ‘PopoZao’

Britney Spears and friend, engaged in spirited debate over the merits of string theory.Photo: Joshua Prezant / Retna

1. Britney Spears, new song
This clip of Britney’s purported new single manages to pack all the appeal of Kevin Federline’s “PopoZao” into just 24 short seconds. [Kevipod]

2. Prince, “Planet Earth”
A love letter from the Purple One to his adopted home. [For Radio]

3. Justice, “D.A.N.C.E.” (Jackson Remix)
This song has now officially undergone more revisions than JFK’s Wikipedia entry. [Norman Rexwell]

4. Paul Weller and Graham Coxon, “This Old Town”
The second-best-looking member of the Jam collaborates with the best drinker in Blur, with awesome results. [Away From Here]

5. Switches, “Step Kids in Love”
Anyone nostalgic for a time when Spacehog were still making records should enjoy this English quartet … anyone? [Soundbites]

Britney’s New Single at Least As Good As ‘PopoZao’