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Brooklyn’s Next Viral Marketing Campaign

One of the sidewalk stencils from “She Loves the Moon.”Public photo from Flickr

An intriguing mash-up of short story, video game, and street art is currently unfolding on the sidewalks of San Francisco’s Mission District. “She Loves the Moon” is a two-person romance told through sidewalk stencils like the one above; players can start at two different locations and follow the story, making choices along the way that determine whether the romance has a happy or unhappy ending. We think this idea is adorable, and we are convinced of two things:

1. Someone will try this in Brooklyn in less than a week.

2. Some movie studio will co-opt this idea to virally market their crap romantic comedy in less than a year.

Stencil Story, “She Loves the Moon” by the Strangers [Stencil Archive]
Mission Stencil Story [Flickr]

Brooklyn’s Next Viral Marketing Campaign