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Clay Aiken’s Foot Disciplined, Apologetic

Former American Idol Clay Aiken.Photo: Getty Images

“I’d like to thank everyone for their concern; I am fine and have taken steps to prevent any foot wandering in the future.” —Clay Aiken, who was struck by a fellow airline passenger after his foot disturbed her while Aiken was sleeping [People]

“I’m certainly not using this as a springboard to launch any sort of solo career, you’ll be glad to hear.” —Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham on her upcoming reality show [AP]

“Right now, we’re writing one about terrible fathers screwing up their sons. But we’re writing it to be a showstopper.” —Writer Marc Shaiman, on his upcoming musical adaptation of Catch Me If You Can [Variety]

“I’m not above thinking that that’s an achievement in itself.” —Provocative author Katie Roiphe on being called ‘the Antichrist’ by feminist Jennifer Baumgardner [Salon]

“It’s the beginning of an army of clones who will conquer the world!” — Cassandra Peterson, a.k.a. Elvira, clarifies that she’s looking for impersonators for her upcoming casting show [TV Guide]
—Hannah Tucker

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Clay Aiken’s Foot Disciplined, Apologetic