Common Courts Favorable MySpace Coverage

After the recording session, Common and Allen went microphone shopping together.Photo: David Atlas / Retna (Common), Getty Images (Allen)

1. Common feat. Lily Allen, “Driving Me Wild”
Common probably invited Allen to sing on his awesome new single in the faint hope that she’d say nice things about him on her MySpace blog. [Nah Right]

2. Rick Ross, “Trilla”
Ross says the title track of his upcoming second album was inspired by Michael Jackson. And “Trilla” is kind of like “Thriller,” except worse and misspelled. [Attorney Street]

3. The Teenagers, “Homecoming”
While real teenagers are busy vandalizing mailboxes or pimping their rides, this Parisian trio of twentysomethings is rewriting the Velvet Underground catalogue, splendidly.

4. Lily Allen, “Everybody’s Changing” (Keane cover)
Even if you hated the original (which you should’ve), Allen’s pared-down cover is still pretty charming. [Musical Groove]

5. Kanye West, “I Get Money Freestyle”
Kanye outraps 50 Cent over 50’s own beat, which probably wasn’t difficult…[Nah Right]

6. Cassidy, “I Get Money Freestyle”
To prove it, Cassidy does it too! [Nah Right]

Common Courts Favorable MySpace Coverage