Debbie Harry Will Crush You

This caption is dedicated to the memory of the zebra that Debbie Harry killed with her bare hands to make her dress.Photo: Tristan Fewing/ Retna

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.

1. Debbie Harry, “Two Times Blue”
A song about how you’ll feel after Debbie Harry dumps you. Hint: terrible! (The song’s pretty good, though.) [Stereogum]

2. Chamillionaire, “Nothing But Lies”
Cham calls out rappers that brag about their money, then brags about his money. [Culture Bully]

3. Iron and Wine, “No Surprises” (Radiohead cover)
A bearded miserablist covers a miserable band’s most miserable song. [Hate Something Beautiful]

4. The White Stripes, “My Doorbell” (live on Jools Holland)
The Stripes did a version of their 2005 single on a recent British TV appearance, because Meg finally learned to play it. [To Die by Your Side]

5. Radiohead, LP7 preview
Bloggers are so sick of waiting for Radiohead’s upcoming seventh album that they’re imagining what songs will be on it. And if they have to wait much longer, they’ll record and promote it themselves. [The Rawking Refuses to Stop]

6. Sum 41, “Walking Disaster”
Derek Whibley and band’s new single, which was in no way inspired by Whibley’s wife, Avril Lavigne. [Webovastranka]

Debbie Harry Will Crush You