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On ‘Sex and the City,’ Does ‘Elle’ Know All?

Carrie Bradshaw, in her infinite wisdom, once posed the following question: “So what are we going to do? Sit around bars, sipping Cosmos and sleeping with strangers when we’re 80?” Perhaps!, we thought, as we considered all the delays in putting the much-discussed Sex and the City movie into production. Oh, how wrong we are: Last week we received the news that the film was actually, finally, going to happen.

But did Elle know about the movie before anyone else did? Imagine our surprise when we saw the latest issue, with cover model Sarah Jessica Parker and cover line “Her Style Secrets! Her Next Move! And … The Sex and the City movie.” What? How did that monthly mag, which obviously has more than a week’s lead time, know? As it turns out, it’s a misleading cover line that ran into a streak of good fortune. The article contains just a few short paragraphs about how much SJP would like to do the movie:

te>”I am hopeful. I believe this time it’s going to happen,” Parker says, choosing her words. Her obvious discomfort with the topic is understandable, given the rumors that circulated during the show’s 2004 finale, when a movie version then trying to get off the ground suddenly did a nosedive. Reports speculating as to why boiled down to “Parker refused to do the film” or “No, it was Kim Cattrall,” aka bed-hopping PR whiz Samantha Jones.

“I really wanted it to happen, and it was a bitter pill to swallow that it didn’t,” Parker says, setting the record straight. “But you have to respect people’s decision. And one of us didn’t want to do it at the time, meaning Kim, for reasons that I didn’t ask. It’s not for me to talk anybody into anything, ever — creatively, financially, or whatever.” [Ed. note: No, it’s up to HBO to offer Cattrall a deal for a new series.] (Reached for comment, Cattrall’s publicist responded: “Ms. Cattrall will address it when the time is appropriate, but this is not the right place or time.”)

Okay, so it was just a coincidence. Still, we can’t help but think that the recent news might entice readers to pick up a copy. Some magazines have all the luck. Unlike others.Lori Fradkin

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On ‘Sex and the City,’ Does ‘Elle’ Know All?