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Don’t Get Andy Samberg Wrong; He Does Love the Crashes

In this week’s issue of New York, Adam Sternbergh profiles Andy Samberg, viral video genius turned SNL cast member turned — maybe! — movie star. In part of the conversation that didn’t make it into the magazine, Samberg discussed his annoyance with Hot Rod’s initial trailer and is set straight on one important point by co-star Jorma Taccone.

For studios, the ideal trailer is one that reminds you of other movies you’ve seen and already laughed at. This was driven home to Samberg and Taccone, when they saw the initial trailer that Paramount cut together for Hot Rod, their upcoming comedy about a hapless wannabe stunt man. “It just showed all the crashes,” Samberg said. “Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love the crashes. But there’s also funny bits! But they were just laying it on: crash, crash, crash.”

Paramount’s since released different versions of the trailer, incorporating a wider range of gags from the film. (One example is above.) As for Samberg, he knows it could have been worse. Watching the initial trailer, he says, “I’m thinking, I’m glad there’s no one getting kicked in the nuts in our movie. Because that would definitely be in there too.”

“Actually,” adds Taccone, “I think there was someone getting kicked in the nuts at one point.”

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Don’t Get Andy Samberg Wrong; He Does Love the Crashes