Eli Roth Botches Response to Danny Boyle’s Feud Offer

Danny Boyle and Eli Roth.Photos: Getty Images

Danny Boyle, director of 28 Days Later and the upcoming Sunshine, is quoted in Rush & Molloy as dissing horror director Eli Roth and his “torture porn” oeuvre. “His movies aren’t even particularly well done,” Boyle says. “They’re not even scary. They’re horrible, but that’s not scary. It’s not suspense. And if you watch my films in detail, there’s actually not a lot of violence in them. You get numb with violence very quickly.”

In wan response, this is all Roth’s spokesman, Simon Halls, could come up with: “Eli has a lot of fans out there, and these last reviews he received were really great.” How disappointing is that? This cannot stand! We can only hope that within three days, grainy video of Halls being fire with extreme prejudice will appear online, followed by Roth’s true response to Boyle, which we sincerely hope will involve the threat of bodily harm via his enormous demon cock.

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Eli Roth Botches Response to Danny Boyle’s Feud Offer