‘Hidden Palms,’ We Hardly Knew Ya

Here’s to you, Eddie’s mom.Photo: Courtesy of CW

In the last ever episode of Hidden Palms, we finally learn who killed Eddie — a heretofore unsolved mystery that had very few viewers on the edge of their seats. The CW managed to pack about eight episodes’ worth of material into the hasty wrap-up of the doomed teen soap. Here’s how it all shook out.

The suspects:
Cliff: He’s still a psycho (kicking a little dog? Sleeping with his dead best friend’s mom? Hello?), but apparently not a murderer.

Greta: We actually wanted it to be Greta; she’s so irritating that some blood on her hands might make her a more likable character. Alas, she’s innocent. And still the worst actress ever.

Liza: Poor, nerdy Liza. She and Eddie slept together, and he died later that night. Talk about a poorly chosen one-night stand.

The culprit(s): Greta’s dad, Skip, and Eddie’s mom, Maria! Maria commits suicide, and everyone thinks that she was the one who killed Eddie, but she sent Johnny a video of the crime before she died. In the last scene of the show (and series), Johnny watches as Eddie accuses lovers Skip and Maria of killing Greta’s mom. There’s a gun in Eddie’s room for no apparent reason, and Skip ends up shooting him in the head. Skip covers up the murder by making it look like a suicide. Finis.

This show was terrible, and we’re glad it’s gone. And not coming back. Game over, Hidden Palms!—Emma Rosenblum

‘Hidden Palms,’ We Hardly Knew Ya