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Independent-Minded Director, Meddling Billionaire Not a Match Made in Heaven After All

Steven Spielberg and Sumner Redstone.Photos: Getty Images

Paramount, DreamWorks to Divorce?: Anonymous sources inside the company tell Variety that DreamWorks execs Steven Spielberg and David Geffen are dissatisfied with Paramount partnership and miffed at Viacom head Sumner Redstone. When deal is up in fifteen months, pair could take DreamWorks name and strike off on their own, shedding selves of dead weight like all employees and all their previous films. [Variety]

Cruise Tastes Salt: Tom Cruise is in talks to star in Terry George–directed Edwin A. Salt for Columbia. Kurt Wimmer script is about a CIA agent named as a double agent who must evade capture. We’re sure it will be far superior to the 1,000 other projects with basically identical loglines coming out soon. [Variety]

Lopez, Anthony Considering Tour: Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are considering touring together later this year. Lopez has never been on tour, and Anthony says he can “introduce her to that world,” presumably while standing on a balcony sweeping his arm over the vistas in view. [Billboard]

Christo Building Pyramid: Christo and Jeanne-Claude are planning a 500-foot pyramid made of oil barrels in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates. Unlike other Christo works, pyramid would be permanent. UAE residents, sick of all the oil barrels just sitting in people’s front yards, have been told the work is a much-needed landfill. [NYT]

ABC Takes Leap: ABC green-lights hour-long drama created by Marta Kauffman (Friends) and starring Goldie Hawn as part of its ensemble cast. Series, based on Sara Davidson’s book Leap!, is about the quest for what we’ll do with the rest of our lives. Well, we plan on not watching shaggy ensemble dramas for the rest of our lives; how about you? [Variety]

Not a Blue Monday After All: Turns out New Order isn’t broken up yet. [Pitchfork]

Independent-Minded Director, Meddling Billionaire Not a Match Made in Heaven After All