It’s Emmy Season, So Welcome Back Vito Spatafore Jr.

Scenes from Brandon Hannan’s online Variety ad.Courtesy of BrandonHannon.com

As the Emmy nominations approach, the trades are filling up with For Your Consideration ads for Emmy hopefuls. Some, like the splashy Variety covers showcasing the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, are paid for by the network or studio responsible for the show. Others, seemingly, aren’t. Case in point: the ads touting Long Island teenager Brandon Hannan, whose eyeliner-based performance as Vito Spatafore Jr. in The Sopranos was most memorable for the scene in which he took a dump on a locker-room floor. Animated GIFs featuring the young actor have been on Variety since at least last week, and today Defamer noted an ad in the print edition as well — one clearly paid for by Hannan’s agent, or by his parents.

“Just when you thought it was safe to shower again!” the ad says, and directs readers to Brandon’s Website, which is a slickly designed version of every actor’s awful self-promotional Web presence. We were thrilled, however, to see a section called “Discography.” Our heart leaped: Vito Spatafore Jr. recorded an album?!! Sadly, as it turns out, no; that’s just what the site bewilderingly calls Brandon’s résumé.

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It’s Emmy Season, So Welcome Back Vito Spatafore Jr.