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David Lee Roth, Cockeyed Optimist

Photo: Getty Images

“It’s not rocket surgery.” —David Lee Roth on why a Van Halen reunion tour shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off [Billboard]

“It’s a river of shit from which I have tried to extract some gold.” —Dennis Hopper on his film career [The Guardian]

“Do the good stuff, don’t do the bad stuff, and charge as much as you can.” —William H. Macy shares his philosophy on life [Times Online]

“Websites are just so early 21st century.” —Michael Chabon, explaining why he hasn’t been updating his Website regularly these days [A.V. Club]

“We saw Mamma Mia together … I think he liked it. I was horrified.” House’s Robert Sean Leonard on hanging out with Burt Reynolds [EW]

David Lee Roth, Cockeyed Optimist