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Jack Osbourne: Live Earth Frenemy?

Ozzy’s progeny: thinner, but not wiser.Photo: Getty Images

“I read somewhere it isn’t beneficial.” —Jack Osbourne, onstage at Live Earth, on why his family doesn’t recycle [Digital Spy]

“I said … ’[Tell] the powers that be that if they’re going to … not let me do this, I will literally die. I. Will. Just. Die.’”—Hairspray director Adam Shankman on how he really, really wanted to make the film [LAT]

“They’re all so massive that you do find yourself reading it going, ‘Right. What can go?’” —Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, on reading the books as if they are screenplays to be edited [Ain’t It Cool News]

“John turned to me and said, ‘I wonder if this was the van where they removed Hillary Duff’s soul?’” —John Linnell of They Might Be Giants, on being picked up for intimidating Disney employees at the airport [PopMatters]

”I can’t say I was a very successful sorority girl.” —Prolific author Joyce Carol Oates on her collegiate shortcomings [EW]
—Hannah Tucker

Jack Osbourne: Live Earth Frenemy?