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Detective Munch’s Ninth Cameo, Revealed

Ninth time’s the charm: Richard Belzer.Photo: Getty Images

Last week, Vulture commanded you, the reader, to reach into the depths of your pop-cultural memories to come up with the nine television series that actor Richard Belzer’s character Detective Munch has appeared on since his inception in 1993, as we could only come up with eight.

Enter heroic Vulture reader Hanna Edwards of Brooklyn, who e-mailed to let us know that Detective Munch’s ninth cameo took place on the short-lived X-Files spinoff The Lone Gunmen, on which Belzer-as-Munch appears as a skeptical FBI agent opposite the show’s three tech-geek stars, who no TV exec in his right mind would have given their own primetime slot.

Now if HBO could just get Detective Munch to make a cameo on Big Love, all would be right with the world. —Sara Cardace

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Detective Munch’s Ninth Cameo, Revealed