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Number Five Is Alive … And Can Be Yours (For $100,000)

Courtesy of eBay and Profiles in History

Surely the finest movie ever made featuring a wisecracking robot and Fisher Stevens in South Asian makeup, Short Circuit holds a special place in our adolescent moviegoing memory. (There is nothing more awesome to a 12-year-old boy than a robot saying “Nice software!” to a naked Ally Sheedy.) If you’re like us but way richer, perhaps you’d like to bid on the original full-size Johnny Five robot that’s going to be auctioned on eBay starting August 3.

Complete with the exoskeleton used to control the robot during filming — though the listing is (deliberately?) vague about whether Johnny Five still works — the robot has an estimated sale price of $100,000 to $150,000. This may seem like a lot, but don’t forget that Steve Guttenberg is going for about $200 these days, so it’ll still be quite affordable to film your long-gestating script of Short Circuit 3 in the backyard.

Just promise us that if you do win the auction, No disassemble!

Original full-size Johnny Five robot from Short Circuit [eBay]

Number Five Is Alive … And Can Be Yours (For $100,000)