Pete Doherty Astounds Us With His Near-Competency

Pete Doherty, not being arrested for once.Photo: Getty Images

1. Babyshambles, “Deft Left Hand” (live)
More bad news for Lindsay Lohan: At least one rehab escapee managed to produce something good this weekend. Cough. [YouSendIt via Libertines forum]

2. Supergrass, “Diamond Hoo Ha Man”
The Britpop trio imagines what they would sound like had they been born the White Stripes. (Awesome, obviously.) [Fuel Friends]

3. Kevin Drew, “Fucked Up Kid”
The Broken Social Scene co-founder sounds even better when he doesn’t have to sing over eighteen other people. [Faronheit]

4. Blur, “Parklife” (demo)
An early version of the song, with Graham Coxon ably tackling the Phil Daniels part. [Dead Flowers]

5. Justice, “Stress” (Fucked Up remix)
Someone’s managed to make this song even more compressed and squelchy-sounding than before. Impressive. [La New Shit]

Pete Doherty Astounds Us With His Near-Competency