Rilo Kiley Heads for the Disco

Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, inspiring bang envy in hipster girls everywhere.Photo: Getty Images

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.

1. Rilo Kiley “Moneymaker”
The much-adored L.A. indie poppers’ business model apparently involves trying to sound like Yeah Yeah Yeahs covering “Stayin’ Alive.” [Wongie’s Music World]

2. Ja Rule feat. Lil Wayne, “Uh Oh”
Sounds like Ja Rule just realized he only has a few months to record a new album before people stop paying for music altogether. [That Grape Juice]

3. The Police feat. John Mayer and Kanye West, “Message in a Bottle” (live at Live Earth)
Not only did Live Earth fail to save the environment this past weekend, Kanye West blew enough hot air to drown several polar bears. [I Guess I’m Floating]

4. Ryan Adams, “The Sirius Song” (live)
Adams pens an impromptu jingle for Sirius Satellite Radio, complete with requisite shout-outs to Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. [Baby, You Got a Stew Goin!]

5. Avril Lavigne, “The Scientist” (Coldplay cover)
Avril is probably more capable of actually becoming a scientist than she is of hitting the high notes in this song. [Mixtape Maestro]
—Lane Brown

Rilo Kiley Heads for the Disco