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‘Simpsonize Me’ Fails to Meet Usual High Standards for ‘Simpsons’ Online Crap

In New York’s continuing efforts to let you know about every arm of the ever-metastasizing Simpsons-movie marketing campaign, we gave a test run this morning to Simpsonize Me, the new fast-food-chain-sponsored Website that allows you to transform an uploaded photograph into a Simpsonized version of yourself.

Yourself … or the head of programming at NBC! Would Simpsonize Me improve on our version of wunderkind Ben Silverman, generated via the Simpsons Character Generator (with a little help from Photoshop)?

Alas, apparently Homer Simpson was given the task of coding Simpsonize Me, because inputting a photo of Silverman yielded horrifying results.

His tanned, beautiful visage was horribly transformed into a Picasso-esque nightmare, with eyes, nose, and devilish eyebrows jammed into the corner of his face!

Left: Getty Images. Right: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

We’re steering clear of uploading our own face into Simpsonize Me until they put Professor Frink in charge.

Simpsonize Me [Official site]
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‘Simpsonize Me’ Fails to Meet Usual High Standards for ‘Simpsons’ Online Crap