‘So You Think You Can Dance’: What We’ve Learned

Hok: dead to us.Courtesy of Fox

The final ten have been chosen which seems a good time to review the ten things we’ve learned so far about the contestants, the show, and life in general.

te>10. Neil regresses from dance to gymnastics when he panics, but everybody flips for his flips.

9. Lauren can feel fear, and fear inspires her to do her best work. Let’s hope she ends up in the bottom repeatedly.

8. Outfits appropriate for a Reno grindhouse will get you an interview but not the job. (See Anya’s wardrobe for the last three solos.)

7. If you’re cut from a reality show, forgo the group hug and spend your last moments on national television dancing under the credits. Like Hok.

6. Enrique Iglesias is rebelling against his father by dropping the vibrato and dressing like Eddie Vedder.

te>5. Tap dancing is high art if it’s done without musical accompaniment.

4. Reality shows are good for the contestants, but they’re better for the creators: Choreographers Mia Michaels and Wade Robson snag Emmy nominations.

3. All big band Andrew Sisters swing dance routines — including the one by Jean Marc Genereux — look the same.

2. The second night of So You Think You Can Dance is always less interesting than the first. (Cat Deeley: “Boy, do I hate Thursdays.”)

1. A good partner is better than good technique. Kameron beat the odds and made the cut!
Drew Pisarra

Drew Pisarra

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: What We’ve Learned