‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Down With Tyce D’Orio!

Neil and Lauren cut the proverbial rug.Courtesy of Fox

As the producers prodded the dancers to reveal the complex psyches behind their personas, we learned such scintillating facts as Lauren likes to pretend she’s Asian and Dominic thinks every foreign accent is French. Maybe this is the show’s way of reminding us that you can dislike the artist but still like the art. Speaking of art, who designed host Cat Deeley’s Klimt-like dress? Who does her hair? Her makeup? She looks ravishing each and every week.

As for the dancers, Lacey continued to morph, Cedric performed better than ever but still looked subpar, Jaimie and Hok waltzed their way into our hearts despite not really waltzing, and Lauren and Neil gave the performances of their lives in a routine that would have sent Tim Burton into paroxysms of pleasure.

At the other end of the spectrum, although we’re glad choreographer Tyce D’Orio’s routines are now labeled Contemporary, as opposed to Broadway, we’d like to suggest that the D’Orio style heretofore be referred to simply as Awful. Even with a recent Times profile and his gravity-snubbing leaps, poor Danny couldn’t elevate himself out of that dreck. It would hardly have been inappropriate if the little card his partner, Anya, pulled out of the style hat had simply read “Shit”, “Doom,” or “Certain Death.” —Drew Pisarra

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Down With Tyce D’Orio!