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Spoiler-Scared? Download Some Harry Potter Protection!

Courtesy of Scholastic

Are you, like us, terrified of encountering Harry Potter spoilers everywhere you go on the Internets? If you’re a Firefox user, a helpful programmer has developed a widget called Harry Potter Protect that might give you peace of mind, like a Sloman Shield for your computer. Harry Potter Protect searches pages for selected keywords and blocks pages that contain spoilers. Future versions, it is promised, will allow you to view those pages with the spoilers redacted.

See, people? This is why the Internet succeeds: because people, in general, are nice. However, we haven’t tried this yet, so we reserve the right to rescind that statement if this turns out to be a virus that fills your screen up with DUMBLEDORE COMES BACK TO LIFE AND TURNS EVIL AND KILLS HARRY!!!*

*Not actually true, we don’t think

Spoiler-Scared? Download Some Harry Potter Protection!